RolePoint Mobility

An employee retention suite enabling mobility across your organization


Job Distribution

Easily distribute and schedule either current or expected job vacancies for roles or given locations.

Role Matching

Automatically recommend to employees which internal roles would be suitable for their career progression based on their skills, location and flight risk.

Skills Mapping

Build a pipeline of internal candidates based on employee preferences on future roles, locations and skills development.

Retention Tracking

Target high performing employees with roles based on matches and track the retention rate of your highest performers.

Analytics & Intelligence

Leverage predictive analytics to understand likely attrition, and your organization's performance relative to your industry.

Fully Integrated

By connecting to all leading ATSs and Single-Sign-On providers, RolePoint provides a seamless experience for employees and gives recruiters the ability to maintain a single candidate database.


Directly Improve Retention Of Your Highest Performing Employees By Engaging Them in Career Development Opportunities

RolePoint Mobility helps improve internal mobility and retention rates by intelligently matching and engaging employees with your current and forecast open roles. Employees remain largely unengaged in internal job opportunities and seek roles externally through a lack of transparency into available positions.

Our platform matches and communicates internal roles in a timely and relevant way by automatically prioritizing and engaging employees based on skillset and flight risk . This automation presents employees a streamlined way to register interest in new roles, locations or departments and facilitates end to end tracking of mobility across an organization.


White Paper: Mobility
Understand the role of mobility and referrals, find out how to enable everyone in the organisation to easily attract their talented contacts.


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