RolePoint Refer

The #1 platform for employee referrals



Remove the overhead of a manual employee referral process by automating the distribution and tracking of referred candidates.

Candidate Matching

Automatically recommend to employees which of their contacts would be the best fit for every role. Make it easy for them to connect you with their most qualified contacts.

Employee Engagement

Our Engage algorithm ensures that every message to employees is optimized for participation and learns over time the best way to expand each across the social graph.

Incentive Management

Easily manage your employee and talent network incentives, by job-type, region or currency. Probation periods and notifications to payroll for payouts can be automated for better tracking and accountability.

Analytics & Intelligence

Leverage predictive analytics to understand the expected results from your recruitment process and understand your organization's performance relative to industries.

Fully Integrated

By connecting to all leading ATSs and Single-Sign-On providers, RolePoint provides a seamless experience for employees and gives recruiters the ability to maintain a single candidate database.


Drive Your Employee Referrals By Maximizing Employee Engagement And Leveraging Your Organization's Social Graph.

RolePoint delivers a best-in-class employee referrals platform that drives referrals within your organization and provides a seamless feedback loop both to recruiters and employees.

Our platform replaces the manual process around employee referrals by taking the friction out of referral submission, referral status tracking and reward fulfillment.


White Paper: The Social Referral
An exploration of the use of gamification to drive employee referrals including rewards & recognition, competition and habit.


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